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Label Printers

The Star DP8340 provides users the option to print in wide format. A receipt up to 4.4 inches wide can be generated with this versatile dot-matrix printer.

Ticket Printers

Print weight data on single or multiple copy tickets with our selection of industrial ticket printers.

Roll Tape Printers

Roll tape printers are better suited for continuous printing needs or for situations where ticket length may vary. We carry a wide selection of models to meet the demands of nearly any printing task.

Kiosk Printers

These models are specifically made for installation into a customized housing or integration into a kiosk system. 

Mobile Printers

Whether clipped to your belt or in the cab of a truck, mobile printers from Rice Lake offer reliability and function in a convient little package.


Rugged, reliable and built for speed. Built specifically to thrive in industrial and point-of-sale environments, 


Certain desktop models can be installed into one of our printer enclosures, an economical way to adapt your printer to harsh environments.


For quickly and accurately reading most popular bar code and UPC labels, handheld scanners are a must have tool for inventory management and process control.


Rice Lake carries software to support all of the printing and scanning devices we sell.

Supplies & Accessories

Rice Lake not only carries ticket tape, labels, and ink cartridges but a selection of parts and accessories as well. Look here to find what you need.