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Rice Lake has been a recognized and trusted name in weighing since 1946. That experience is now being put to work in the health care field, with a broad selection of medical devices that meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and value. 

Certified Fitness Scales

THE 140-10-7N Portable Fitness Scale is an NTEP Certified Legal for Trade device that provides the highest possible accuracy when weight is a critical factor.

Body Composition Analyzers

Rice Lake’s Competitor Series body composition analyzers (BCA) are designed for health and fitness professionals who want better results for their clients and faster return on investment. These feature-rich, standalone devices provide the highest accuracy available yet maintain affordability and incredible durability—essential for busy environments such as weight loss centers, fitness clubs, and medical offices.

Bed Scales

Bed scales are the safest and most effective way to weigh mobility-challenged patients. Nursing homes and hospitals will find Rice Lake bed scales an ideal choice for repeatable, accurate weighments.

Physician Scales

Maintain a healthy weight with Rice Lake’s offering of classic physician scales, available in both mechanical and digital operation.

Baby & Pediatric Scales

For our most precious little patients and their health care providers, Rice Lake carries several models for infant and baby weighing needs.

Wheelchair Scales

Rice Lake offers a full lineup of wheelchair scales from single ramp to dual ramp with chair. Each model is designed and built to weigh accurately, safely and dependably.

Dialysis Scales

Dialysis Scales from Rice Lake are designed with utmost patient comfort and safety in mind. Dialysis units and centers require scales to be accessible, accurate, and able to endure frequent usage without compromising performance.

Chair Scales

When standing isn’t always possible, chair scales help with patient comfort and stability but take up less space than other options.

Bariatric Scales

Providing support, durability, and additional patient comfort, bariatric models from Rice Lake offer reliable weight management to all patients regardless of size or mobility.

Dietary Scales

Monitoring your dietary intake is critical to maintaining quality nutritional balance and control. Using a dietary scale from Rice Lake is one of the most effective methods of monitoring that intake.

Personal Home Health Scales

Rice Lake’s Home Health Scales are ideal for monitoring and maintaining your weight at home. Choose from our professional digital or dial models to meet your needs.

Options and Accessories

From carrying cases to power cords, find the accessories you need here.