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Cast Iron, NIST, ASTM, and OIML Classification

Cast iron weights are painted weights with adjusting cavity for sealing. Weight capacities of 10 kg (20 lb) and up meet NIST Handbook 105-1 and Handbook 44 specifications. The classes are as follows: NIST Class F, ASTM Class 6 and 7, and OIML Class M1 and M2. Grip-handle and heavy capacity weights are available for Class F, 7 and M1, as individual, slotted interlocking, and counterpoise weights and hangers.

Stainless Steel, NIST Classification

Rice Lake’s calibration lab has direct traceability to the SI through NIST and NMI. Stainless steel weights are available as Cylindrical, Electronic Balance, Grip-Handle, and Precision. NIST Class F sets and individual weights are available in cylindrical, grip-handle and leaf styles. 

Electronic Calibration Weights, ASTM Classification

Included here are ASTM Class 1-4 stainless steel individual weights and kits. Grip-handle and electronic calibration styles are available in metric and avoirdupois. Electronic calibration weights are a Type II design featuring a sealing cavity for adjusting material in 100 g or larger weights. The finish for Class 1 is polished, and ASTM Class 2-4 are satin. ASTM Class 1-4 are manufactured in accordance with ASTM E 617-97 specification and tolerances. Applications may include calibrating Class I and II balances or ASTM Class 4, 5, and 6 weights. 

Precision Laboratory Weights, ASTM Classification

Designed specifically for adjustment of electronic balances and scales, our high-precision stainless steel weights provide easy handling and stacking. All weights are traceable to the SI through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Weights are manufactured to one of the following specifications: ASTM E 617 or NIST Handbook 105-1. ASTM Class 0-4 stainless steel weights are available in sets, kits, and individual.

Hook Weights

Choose these weights with sliding hook for use with hanging balances for applications including pressure, torque, and tensile strength testing. Stainless steel construction encourages stability, resistance to corrosion, and low magnetic susceptibility. ASTM Class 6 individual stainless steel weights are available in metric and avoirdupois.

Specialty Weights

From specialty weight sets, to lift truck test weights, look for any specialty Class F test weight configuration. Also included are troy, pennyweight, and grain unit weights, as well as avoirdupois and metric units. Find cube and ring-style test weights also.


A wide selection of accessories are available to help you properly maintain and care for your weight investment.