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Rice Lake’s Competitor Series body composition analyzers (BCA) are designed for health and fitness professionals who want better results for their clients and faster return on investment. These feature-rich, standalone devices provide the highest accuracy available yet maintain affordability and incredible durability—essential for busy environments such as weight loss centers, fitness clubs, and medical offices.

Full-body Multi-Frequency Segmental Analyzer – D1000-3

The D1000 Competitor™ Series Body Composition Analyzer from Rice Lake measures body fat, water, muscle ratios, and so much more using a patient’s personal data and Biometric Impedance Analysis.

Upper Body Single Frequency Composition Analyzer – D1000-2

The D1000-2 is a Single Frequency Hand-Hand Body Composition Analyzer. Two hand-held electrodes use single frequency bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) to obtain upper body composition for analysis of water, muscle, and fat ratios.

Lower Body Single Frequency Composition Analyzer – D1000-1

the D1000-1 is a Single Frequency Foot-Foot Body Composition Analyzer. Foot electrodes located on the scale use single frequencybio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) to obtain lower body composition for analysis of water, muscle, and body fat ratios. 

This feature-rich analyzer includes a weight scale with 440 lb capacity and internal printer for a custom report of classic body composition ratios and advanced analysis options. These advanced options include Goal Setter and Wrestling modes, ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, fitness/wellness centers, weight rooms, rehabilitation facilities and athletic departments.