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Custom Scale offers a comprehensive selection of weighing equipment for food production applications. From grain weighing and feed management to food processing and portioning, Custom Scale products bring efficiency and accuracy to the food production, quality and compliance table.

With several products available for heavy washdown environments—essential in produce, meat and poultry processing—Custom Scale solutions help manufacturers keep operations within sanitary requirements.

Floor Scales

Rice Lake RoughDeck HE Hostile Environment Series

The RoughDeck HE is a hostile environment, stainless steel floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life in demanding washdown applications.

Rice Lake AutoLift HE Hostile Environment Series

The AutoLift HE is a pit-type, hostile environment, stainless steel lift floor scale. The AutoLift HE takes efficiency and safety further by providing hands-free access for washdown demands with pneumatic lifting arms.

Rice Lake RoughDeck QC Quick Clean Series

The RoughDeck QC is a quick clean, stainless steel, lift top floor scale customized for food, chemical and other demanding washdown applications.

Rice Lake RoughDeck SD Sanitary Deck Series

The RoughDeck SD Sanitary Deck floor scale offers a removable polyethylene deck for sanitation requirements in addition to top performing RoughDeck features.

Food Portioning/Top Loading Balances

Ohaus FD Series

The OHAUS Food Portioning Scale is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications. Ideally suited for food portioning and checkweighing, the FD Food Portioning Scale combines an easily cleaned design, fast display and high precision loadcell.

Ohaus Valor 7000 Series

The OHAUS Valor 7000 compact food scale is the newest scale in Ohaus’s line of reliable and durable products that will increase your food weighing and proportioning productivity. Dual displays and touchless sensors, user-friendly menu and setup, along with the speed and accuracy of the results provide for a seamless and hassle-free user experience that is second to none.

Ohaus Valor 4000 Series

The Ohaus Valor 4000 water resistant food scale raises the bar and sets a new industry standard with the winning combination of touchless operations, speed, and durability. Available in both stainless steel and plastic housing designs, Valor 4000 offers large LED front and rear displays, food safety and legal for trade approvals and puncture resistant keypads, making it the premiere scale for use in dry or washdown environments.

Ohaus Valor 3000 Xtreme Washdown Series

Valor 3000 Xtreme Scales continue the Ohaus tradition of building high quality, durable products that are easy to use and hard to beat. Features include high precision up to 40,000d readability, durability, and ease-of-use, encased in a sleek and fully stainless steel compact housing. Washdown versions and Legal-for-Trade approved models ensure that the Valor 3000 Xtreme meets the needs of even the most demanding environments.

Ohaus Valor 2000 Series

The Ohaus Valor 2000 water resistant food scale raises the bar and sets a new industry standard with the winning combination of speed and durability. Available in both stainless steel and plastic housing designs, Valor 2000 offers large LED front and rear displays, food safety and puncture resistant keypads, making it the premiere value scale for use in dry or washdown environments.

Ohaus Valor 1000 Series

An economical choice for your basic weighing needs. The Valor 1000 is ideally suited for food preparation and portioning applications with standard features including a large, removable stainless steel weighing platform for easy cleaning, checkweighing mode for quick weight checking, and the freedom of portability, provided by its long-lasting internal rechargeable battery.

Rice Lake TS Series

Rice Lake’s TS Series tuning fork balance delivers high-speed response time with stable and reliable results.

Rice Lake Versa-Portion Compact Food Series

With capacities from six to sixty pounds, the Versa-portion is perfect for food processing, hygienic medical settings and everything in between.

Bench Scales

Rice Lake CW-90X Series

checkweigher, bench scale

The CW-90X Bench Scale was built for the most demanding industrial tasks, food processing, harsh environments, and rigorous cleanings.

Rice Lake CW-90 Series

The CW-90 is a light-capacity industrial bench scale designed to endure with a full 304 stainless steel construction and aluminum environmentally sealed load cell.

Rice Lake BenchMark HE Hostile Environment Series

Rice Lake’s BenchMark HE performs reliably through the most demanding tasks, with a base that specially engineered for overload protection.

Ohaus Defender 7000X Washdown Series

The Defender 7000 Series of washdown bench scales provide enhanced performance and operation for versatile and advanced industrial weighing applications.

Ohaus Defender 5000X Stainless Steel Series

The Ohaus Defender 5000 Series is a feature-rich line of bench scales that are ideal for production, packaging and general commercial and industrial weighing and various washdown applications.

Ohaus Defender 3000X Stainless Steel Series

The Defender 3000 Series of bench scales is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications when working in a damp environment or when it is essential to thoroughly clean the scale.

Ohaus CKW Series

Combining an NSF Certified and USDA Accepted food-safe design, durable stainless steel construction, and industry leading software, the OHAUS CKW series includes fully dedicated checkweighing scales built for applications requiring fast and accurate operation.

Doran 2200CW Series

With a built-in 250 product database, versatile communications, powerful control options, and outstanding PC support software, the 2200CW has it all in a simple to use, technologically advanced and extremely rugged package.

Doran 4300 Series

The Doran Model 4300 is the solution to lowering your scale maintenance costs and downtime! For almost 30 years, Doran Scales has been recognized as the industry leader in providing the most durable and accurate, washdown safe Stainless Steel Scales.

Doran 7400 Series

The Doran Model 7400 offers ease of use for the operator with one button operation, rugged “Quad Spring” base for 1000% overload protection, checkweighing indication (Over/Accept/Under), and IP69K/NEMA 4X washdown safe construction.

Weighing Modules

Rice Lake RL9000TWM Series

The rugged, high-precision RL9000TWM Series weigh module with a low-profile design is engineered for easy installation and does not require check rods or other stabilizing hardware.

Dynamic Weighing

Rice Lake MotoWeigh IMW In-Motion Checkweigher and Conveyor Series

For automated and conveyor food processes, Rice Lake’s MotoWeigh in-motion systems offer maximum weighing efficiency. MotoWeigh is designed for frequent and easy cleaning with stainless steel construction options and food-grade belting. Food and product sorting and classification tasks are streamlined with configurable over- and underweight values, ensuring optimal product weights.

Washdown Printers

Rice Lake SURVIVOR SST3 Series

As an IP69K rated printer, the Rice Lake SURVIVOR SST3 features a stainless steel enclosure that completely seals out moisture and dust.