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Top Loading Balances (0.01 g – 0.1 g)

Ohaus Explorer Series

The Ohaus Explorer Series precision balance features cutting-edge technology and functional design, delivering accurate performance while improving efficiency in the lab.

Ohaus Explorer Pro Series

The Ohaus Explorer Pro Series industrial balance features an innovative, easy-to-use interface with one-step operation that guides through application modes with ease.

Ohaus Adventurer Pro Series

Ohaus Adventurer Pro Series precision balance delivers inventive features with functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities.

Ohaus Valor 7000 Series

ohaus, valor, 7000, valor 7000, compact, bench, food, legal for trade, legal, trade

The Ohaus Valor 7000 is designed with features like touchless sensors, dual displays and the fastest stabilization rate in the industry to help make any baking and weighing process more efficient.

Ohaus Scout STX Series

Ideal for laboratory & industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout features an easy to navigate color touchscreen display & a slim design which allows stackable storage.

Ohaus Scout SPX Series

ohaus, scout, spx, portable, balance

Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the OHAUS Scout comes in a slim, stackable design with large backlit LCD. Features include superior overload protection, multiple weighing units and application modes.

Ohaus Scout SKX Series

Designed for education applications, the OHAUS Scout with large backlit LCD backed by education software is the ideal balance for your classroom. It is built to endure demanding classroom applications with superior overload protection.

Ohaus Navigator NV Series

The Navigator NV has a winning combination of modern features, including touchless sensors that provide hands-free operation, a large LCD display, ultra-fast response time, and superior overload protection.

Ohaus Navigator XL Series

With less than a one second stabilization time, Navigator XL generates exceedingly accurate results quickly for applications requiring capacities up to 20kg.

Sartorius Entris Series

Sartorius Entris Series precision balance is user friendly to operate and is excellent for basic applications.

Top Loading Balances (1.0 G)

Ohaus Navigator XT Series

The Ohaus Navigator XT Series balance offers touchless sensors, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection for use in a wide variety of weighing applications.

Ohaus Valor 1000

ohaus, valor, 1000, valor 1000, compact, bench, food, legal for trade, legal, trade

An economical choice for your basic weighing needs. The Valor 1000 is ideally suited for food preparation and portioning applications with standard features including a large, removable stainless steel weighing platform for easy cleaning.