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Precision Balances (0.01 – 0.1 g resolution)

Sartorius Cubis II Series

The Cubis® II range of precision laboratory balances with a maximum load between 320 g and 14,200 g and a readability between 1 mg to 100 mg provide the ideal model for every application. It either offers an automatic glass draft shield with or without integrated ionizer to eliminate interfering electrostatic charges on samples and sample containers; an easy to use manual glass draft shield or a removable flat stainless steel draft shield frame.

Sartorius Secura Series

Secura® gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything right. Besides providing highly accurate weighing results and operating convenience, Secura® also features built-in protection systems for complete reliability and regulatory compliance – the safe and secure way.

Sartorius Quintix Series

The Sartorius Quintix® sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances. A number of features make your workflow much more efficient, such as fully automatic internal adjustment, direct data transfer, ergonomic style and, above all, the entirely new touchscreen user interface with built-in application programs.

Ohaus Explorer Series

The OHAUS Explorer Series of precision balances combine modern features and design elements to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances unlike any other on the market. These smart and intuitive balances simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements.

Ohaus Explorer High Capacity Series

OHAUS Explorer High Capacity balances provide unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance, high-capacity balances unlike any other on the market! This smart and intuitive balance simplifies even the most complex high-capacity laboratory measurements.

Ohaus Scout STX Series

ohaus, scout, stx, portable, balance

Ideal for laboratory & industrial applications, the Ohaus Scout features an easy to navigate color touchscreen display & a slim design which allows stackable storage. Features also include superior overload protection and expanded connectivity options.

Ohaus Scout SPX Series

ohaus, scout, spx, portable, balance

Ideal for laboratory and industrial applications, the Ohaus Scout comes in a slim, stackable design with large backlit LCD. Features include superior overload protection, multiple weighing units and application modes.

Ohaus Adventurer Series

Striking the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities, the OHAUS Adventurer incorporates all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. With a color touchscreen, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, and much more, Adventurer is the most complete balance in its class.

Ohaus Pioneer Series

The Pioneer PX combines essential weighing functionality with competitive performance, offering high accuracy and repeatability for applications in laboratory, industrial and education settings. The PX is affordably priced, and intuitively designed for intelligent operation with a second line display for additional information, and USB and RS232 connectivity for easy communication.